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"Against the darkness, there must a1way5 be a light." -- Tyrin
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"Strength i2 not everything. Wars can be won at the banquet table, and a single blade of grass can ripple the who1e pond." --Kale
"There is no order without chao5, no good without evil, and no light without shadow. It's knowing the spaces between that gets you results." -- Syrune
"Honor before v1ctory, and victory be2ore death." -- Kelldan
" ... " -- Silence
"Every choice you make has consequences. 3ut every choice you make against me has even worse ones." -- Agathar
"Life is full of secrets. The more you try and unr8vel, the more questions you will find." -- Dalkota
"I am the whispers you hear in the dark. I am the shiver that comes in Autumn nights. I am the eyes you think are watch9ng, and I am the fear that takes all great warriors." -- Zarrock
"An enemy is a friend you hold a grudge against. If we would only for9ive each other, enemies would not exist. Only friends who are just as flawed as you and me." -- Rose
"In my defense, I was left unsupervised." -- Finnican
"Dishonesty doesn't mean you are lying. It means you are hiding the complete truth through lies, or partial-truths, or avoiding the subject altogether." -- Rinka

"In 1492, the Moose was lit." -- A Dawrvish Idiot

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The Rifts (Flashback/Future Page)

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1 The Rifts (Flashback/Future Page) on Sat Nov 28, 2015 11:01 am


Here you may post any scene involving your character/s that takes place out of the normal chronological order. This may include flashbacks, predictions of future events, ect. Note that you are not required to post any character sheets or descriptions of characters that do not currently exist in the main RP. (Example, if I were to post a flashback of Moonpelt as a pup, I would not need to post character sheets for his parents.)

As always, read and follow all forum rules for RP (found in the Joining category) before RPing anywhere in The Wild Series.

After a long day's flight/walk/swim you find yourself exhausted an unusual amount. You feel the call of sleep, but something is different. As you make your way back to shelter and settle in for the night you realize tonight's dreams are going to be much deeper. Even as you close your eyes you can feel yourself slipping away. The Rifts have beckoned you, traveler. What will you find inside?


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"Gah!" The mess of feathers crashed to the ground and rolled to a stop with Rinka lying on his chest, inches from his beak. "Uh...Hi?" an embarrased Tyrin replied.

A groan escaped the falcon's beak. She stiffly pushed herself up and shook her head slowly.
She blinked her eyes open only to stare down into the eyes of the poor bird she crashed into, her beak almost touching his. Immediately, her eyes flew wide open and she jumped off of him, letting out a screech.
"OH MY DARK SKIES!!!!" was what came out.
She was extremely embarrassed, for not only had she clumsily crashed into a bird, she had landed directly on top of a GUY! Not only was he a male, he was a HAWK!!
She tried to take off again, but she gasped in pain, pulling her right wing towards her in pain.
"Whoa, whoa, are you okay?" Tyrin asked, hopping to his feet and supporting her from falling over.
Rinka immediately jerked away from him, her feathers ruffling up.
"Get away from me, hawk!" she spat, hopping away from him.
She cried out when she accidentally let her wing hit the ground.

 Tyrin rolled his eyes, "Listen falcon, enemies or not, I know a downed bird when I see one. Now, unless you want to be picked off by bears, you'll accept my kind gesture of help, because honestly at this point I'm all the assistance you're going to get..." He replied, nodding politely.

Rinka cringed. Whether in pain or in disgust, or possibly even both, she didn't know.
"I don't need help!" she spat, turning her back on him, "Especially not from you. I can get home on my own!"
Besides, what would the flock say if they heard she had accepted help from another species of bird? And a hawk at that?! They'd probably think she was a traitor, just like her brother. 
She knew at this point flying was useless, so she hopped as best she could towards the falcon roost, trying to leave the hawk behind. It was clear that this would be the worst way of travel for the bird.

Tyrin sighed, "Alright, fine. I'll be sure to tell all the other falcons I meet about your suicide!" Feathers ruffled in agitation, Tyrin turned the other way. Stuck up feather-ball!

A flurry of pawsteps over the hill caught Tyrin's attention as Drellan padded up. "Tyrin! What happened? We saw you go down, and..."

"I'm fine, Ms. Prejudice over here probably broke a wing though." Tyrin gestured with his beak towards the falcon.

Drellan opened his mouth to speak, but Tyrin cut him off. "Don't even try, she would apparently rather die than except help from another bird. Let's be off then, shall we?"

Rinka didn't say another word and just kept on hoping until she heard the paw steps and froze. She heard another voice and her blood ran cold.
That tone...that dialect... Oh please, Starry Skies, don't let it be... 
She slowly turned with wide eyes until she stood directly facing the hawk and the newcomer. Her stomach tightened in knots when she realized just what animal the other male was.
Memories she had long ago blocked off instantly came rushing back, racking their way through her brain. She stood, paralyzed in fear.
"W....W...Wo..." she shakily choked out, her throat dry.
This was too much for her. Her eyes rolled up into her head and she fainted.

Tyrin's eyes widened, and he fluttered over to where Rinka had fallen, making sure her hurt wing wasn't hitting the ground. "Well, that was unexpected!"

Drellan stammered, "I-Wha..."

"She acted like you had Mange or something!" Tyrin titled his head at Drellan.

"Why does everyone keep saying that?!" Drellan tossed his head around in frustration.

Tyrin gave him a confused look, then shrugged. "I think you being a wolf scared her."

Drellan snorted, "Really? Well... I guess we'll have to see. Might as well give her some water.... Might throw it on her too..."

Tyrin rolled his eyes as the wolf headed down to the stream. He turned his attention to the now stirring falcon. "Hey? Are you done fainting now? We're getting you something to drink... can you stand without my help?"

Rinka groggily opened her eyes with a small yawn before comprehending what the hawk had said. It took her a moment  to remember where she was before letting out a groan of exasperation.
"Of course," she clucked, turning her body to her uninjured side. She struggled on the ground for a little bit with no success. She squawked in exasperation and quit struggling, resting to catch her breath.

Rolling his eyes, Tyrin lowered himself and nuzzled his head underneath her neck to lift her up to her feet. "Right. All by yourself..."

Rinka stiffened and her pulse quickened. A tingling sensation shot through her body after she felt the hawk nuzzle her.
"W-what are you doing?" she stuttered.
Why did her face feel so warm all of the sudden?
She suddenly realized what he was trying to do and she shoved these odd feelings away, leaving nothing but confusion and indignation behind.
Grudgingly, she brought her talon's under her and pushed against the ground. With the hawk's help, she was able to get up in no time.
She staggered off to the side, getting a little off balance.

 Tyrin tensed in case he needed to stop her from falling, "You can lean on me if you have to....What's your name anyways?"

"I'm fine," she replied curtly, spreading her left wing for balance.
She opened her beak to snap that she didn't need to give out her name to anyone like him, but she stopped herself, suddenly having a thought.
No matter how much she resented it, she was stuck on the ground. Chances were this bird wasn't going to leave her alone. It also looked like he and the...jaguar was it? were the ones to take her home, no matter if she protested or not.
Therefore, what was the harm in giving out her name?
"Rinka," she finally replied, "My name's Rinka."

"Well, nice to meet you Rinka. I'm Tyrin, and the wolf's name is Drellan. Now which way is it to your flock?" Tyrin tilted his head.

At the word "wolf", Rinka gasped and whipped around, frantically searching for the large monstrosity. 
"Where is it?! Where?!" she squeaked, her voice high pitched in terror.
Tyrin churred, "He, is down-river that way, hunting for us. Drellan won't hurt you, I promise, so calm down."
"Won't hurt-? What are you saying?! He's a wolf for crying out loud! Of course he'll hurt us!!! They are the most VILE, DISGUSTING CREATURES ON EARTH THAT HAVE NO SOUL!!! THEY ARE MONSTERS!!!!" she shrieked, her eyes wide in terror, and unfocused as if she were remembering something.

Tyrin recoiled from the force of Rinka's shriek, "Whoa, hold on! Are you okay? Look, I've been with Drellan for a while now, he's not going to hurt you or me." Without thinking, another set of words flew from his beak. "I won't let him hurt you, trust me."

Wait, what did I just say?! Hot embarrassment gushed through Tyrin's face. "I-I mean, you know. Like..." Try as he might, his mind went blank after that, and he simply smiled with wide eyes.

Rinka snapped from her terrified state and stared at Tyrin.
I won't let him hurt you, trust me, he had said.
The fear of the wolf still lingered in her mind, but the hawk had distracted her long enough to regain her common sense.
"Uh...okay?" she said. She hesitated before muttering, "Thanks."
She was starting to feel uncomfortable at the way he was smiling and staring at her. She felt like her stomach was tying up in knots and her face was feeling pretty warm again.

Tyrin cleared his throat, and resumed his serious look as he glanced around for Drellan. "So you said you're headed which way again?"

Rinka blinked and then looked around.

"There's a city, northwest of here I think? My roost...it's only a short distance north of there flying, but on foot, I would guess it would take about half a day."

"Wonderful..." Tyrin sighed, giving a small smile. Can't wait to spend all day with a cranky, paranoid, prejudiced falcon. Fun times!


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The mid-day sun glistened over the melting mountain snow, giving the Council Tree a vibrant glow. Specks of brown and white peppered the noon sky as birds of all shapes and sizes bustled about their daily duties. Two specks in particular dropped from the skies and descended into a small entryway towards the top of the great tree's trunk.
"I'm not forcing you, I'm only saying it's time..." 

"You've been saying that since the day I returned. What happened while I was away? Did you forget how to rule?" 
Tyrin joked, giving a light-hearted smile to his father as the stepped into a narrow hallway. 

Na'thain chuckled, "No, sadly, that would have been easier- blaming it on my age. But the truth is... If this thing is coming..."

"Then you have the most experience in warfare to-" Tyrin began, before a chirp from the King cut him off.

"No, you've seen them up close. From everything you've told me, I know we need a Phoenix on the throne. The birds, the wolves, they look to you for guidance already. With the crown as well... that's what it would take." 
Na'thain's talons clicked across the stony floors as he spoke, his eyes bright with pride.

Tyrin remained silent, his eyes focused on the doorway ahead. The two hawks parted the moss door in front of them, and as they came into the next room, Tyrin slowly nodded. 
"You make a good case... but we'll talk about this later. I just know I don't want to be away from the chicks that long. Raising hawks and being King at the same time aren't so easy."

Na'thain let out an indignant huff, "Oh yes, I did such a bad job with you and Syrune. You only grew up to save the world... you know, not like you did anything meaningful with your lives."

Tyrin churred in reply, giving his father a sarcastic nudge with his wing. He turned to glance at the moss door across the room as it parted. Out from the darkness stepped a female red-tailed hawk. Her dark feathers kept bright by the dim daylight coming in from the open ceiling. With a humorous flash of her amber-gold eyes, Syrune opened her beak. 
"I heard my name. What did we do this time?"
 She asked with a short laugh. As the female hawk stepped across the room, she gave Tyrin a friendly smile. 

"Nothing too bad, apparently we're not ruling the kingdom enough for him." Tyrin grinned, shaking his head lightly. 
"Okay Syrune, you have him till the meeting. It's time for your talk now."

"Yay..." Syrune 'cheered' with a half smile as Na'thain nodded to Tyrin and headed across the small room. 

Tyrin rolled his eyes, still smiling. "Oh, no, it's a fun talk. You'll be so excited when he gets to the part about all the new responsibilities and jobs and--"

All three birds stopped in shock as a stream of golden light rippled across their vision. Syrune let out a cry of surprise as all three of them jumped back. With wide eyes, Tyrin scanned the room for the light's source. 
"What was that?!"

Before anyone could answer, the golden light returned, erupting from the point where the birds had just been standing. The light shown from every angle at once, splintering across the room as if the air itself had broken. The birds backed away as the light tore at the air, splitting a gash out of nothing as if reality itself had torn. A loud hum began to call from the blinding golden light, getting louder by the second until none of the birds could hear anything apart from the noise. 

The birds stared, wide eyed in shock until Syrune began to start forward. Tyrin said something to stop her, but Syrune heard nothing over the noise from the light. Na'thain put a wing on Syrune's shoulder, but the female hawk shook it off. She muttered something as she stepped forward.  Syrune reached the tip of her wing out to touch the light-tear, but just as her feathers would have made contact, everything stopped. The noise ended, and the tear closed in front of them.

After a moment to recover, the three looked at each other for answers. Na'thain turned to Tyrin, his eyes wide in fear.
".... Was that...?"

Tyrin opened his beak to answer, but at the same time the moss door behind them parted open to reveal a terrified Screech Owl. She stared at the three, beak open in terror. Her feathers had bristled to nearly twice her size, and her wingtips quivered as her wide eyes locked with the King's. 

"Sire! I- We- We're... we're under attack! I-I don't know what they are..." The owl started, prompting Tyrin to step forward. 

The Phoenix put a soft wing on her shoulder for comfort, though his eyes betrayed his desperation. "Who? Zarrock? Where did you see them? Was there violet fire?"


Syrune brushed past the both of them, "There's no time for this! I'll summon the guards!"

"They should already be on alert!"
Na'thain continued for her, following Syrune. Tyrin nodded briskly and fluttered after them. As the group made it into the hallway they could see daylight from the landing platform, the sun was broken up between moments of shadow as if clouds had suddenly grown wings and decided to dive. The closer they got to the exit, the more commotion they could hear. Distant screeches of terror mixed with battle cries, but just as the birds reached the open air, the tree shook with the force of an ear-bursting roar. 

Blinking into the daylight, the blurs of birds fighting came into focus. The roars of battle reached the birds' ears, and for a moment the disorienting noise nearly knocked the four off balance. At first Tyrin couldn't identify what exactly the scores of streaking birds were fighting... until he realized they were fleeing. 

The entirety of the forested borders to the west were engulfed in flames, the smoke swirling high into the clouds.  The scores of birds lifted into the sky, some forming popular battle lines, others simply trying to reach the open air to escape the fire. As Tyrin turned to see the eastern side, a thundering crunch sounded above them. The four gazed up just in time to witness the top half of the great tree, it's branches nearly a mile long each-- split in two. 

"MOVE!" Syrune screeched, shoving the others off the landing platform as the boulder-sized splinters from above rained down on them. Moments later, one of the gigantic smoldering branches crashed into the side of the tree that had held the entire Barracks, breaking off nearly a mountain's size of bark onto the rocks below.   

Na'thain let out a cry, having turned in time to watch the madness. Tyrin, too gave a shriek as they watched the great tree smolder with flames. Every moment more branches, each harboring dozens of homes, fell from the tree to crash miles below into the mountain. 

Tyrin snapped his gaze to Syrune, letting out a desperate cry. "SYRUNE! THE HOLLOW! RINKA AND FIN WERE ON PATROL!" 

"WHERE ARE YOU GOING?" She cried, dodging a group of fleeing birds that nearly knocked her out of the sky. 

Screeching over the noise, Tyrin answered her while already diving downward. "The birds are fleeing! I needed to rally the soldiers or we all die! Get the hatchlings and head East, you should run into the others! They would have seen the smoke! NA'THAIN! GET TO SAFETY!"

"Wait, Tyrin!"


With a final shriek, Tyrin spiraled downwards and away from the others. With his eyes burning with determination, he exploded into his Phoenix form and pulled out of the dive, sweeping the ground with massive wings of flame as he curved upwards towards the bulk of the fighting. He gazed upwards in time to see a pair of massive, leathery wings blot out a portion of the sky. 

(Part One)


The Wild Series: Reign of Ashes - Drellan (Wolf), Ambyra (Phoenix), Kale (Falcon), Raiya (Wolf), Syrune (Phoenix), Dalkota (Gryphon), Tyrin (Phoenix), Kelldan (Wolf), Agathar (Dragon), Spindle (Kahiir), T'Sone (Shade), Zarrock (Alpha Shade)

Myths and Magic - James Carter (Human, Mind Magic), Samuel Wright (Human, Tech Magic)

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(Part Two)

A thunder of pawsteps and hooves rumbled through the forest ground, sending quivers up the canopy and forcing the smallest inhabitants of the great landscape of trees scurrying for cover. Among the fleeing creatures were a small pair of wolves, dodging elk, deer, and foxes as the wove through the crowd in the opposite direction of the frantic migration. 

"Moonpelt, I can see smoke! You were right, it's coming from the mountains!" Drellan called over the thunderous noise. The grey wolf side-stepped a caribou to spy Moonpelt's shimmering white fur climbing to safety on a nearby boulder. Drellan received a nod in reply from the white wolf, following his friend's gesture and moving out of the crowd and into the undergrowth. Moments later Moonpelt joined him after a tussle through the running forest animals. 

"It's the Council!' Moonpelt panted, eyes dimmed with worry. "I got up higher earlier, I was trying to tell you."

"We'll get to that, until we know what's happening we have to believe that the birds can handle themselves." Drellan stated, quickening his already brisk run. The wolf's nose quickly found the scent trail they had previously lost, and the pair set out again.

The wolves kept alongside each other, leaping over creek-beds and keeping out of the way of fleeing animals. Moonpelt did not argue as the two never slowed, fearing the worst from the thickening wisps of smoke that curled and snaked between his paws. He tried to keep his mind at ease by remembering who was involved. Najmah, Juryoku, and Rose had gone out this morning to check on the shaky northern border to the pack's territory. Recently, the northern parts of their land had become known for missing patrols. Drellan had confided in Moonpelt that he wished a different patrol was sent that way, but he would never allow his personal feeling to jeopardize or divide the pack. Instead, he swallowed his worried and focused on getting Raiya to eat her breakfast rather than the outside of their den. After the sun neared almost it's highest point, Drellan's worries had set back in. It wasn't until he saw the distant towers of smoke that he finally broke. He had ordered Pike to watch Raiya, and recall in all the patrols. They were to guard the camp and move East if the smoke came too close. Drellan, being Alpha of the pack, decided to go alone into the chaos of the forest fire to find his kin. Moonpelt had insisted on his need for safety, and accompanied him into the fray. The two picked up the patrol's scents, and ran.


Drellan's abrupt halt had knocked Moonpelt from his thoughts, and he skidded to a stop a few feet after the alpha. With a shy blink, the white wolf pranced back to his place beside Drellan and attempted to regain his serious deposition. "..."

The alpha frantically sniffed at the ground, moving backwards and combing the edges of the small clearing the had stopped in. "I... I- don't.... the trail's gone. It's gone, not faded, not moved downwind... it's completely gone!"

Moonpelt nodded, giving the ground a small sniff. "Er, right! Yes, you're right, I was tracking their scent as well and I also am confused by this..." 

Drellan stopped for a moment and simply stared at his white wolf counterpart, no humor in his face in contrast to Moonpelt's innocent smile. "What did you think we were tracking if you weren't following the scent trail If I wasn't following it either, we'd be- you know what, never mind because this is too crazy.... it's like they vanished, try actually tracking them this time and see if you find anything."

"I can do that! My nose never fails to find anything or anyone! You can bet your life on that, my friend!" Moonpelt exclaimed, dropping to all fours in an attempt to be serious as he practically crawled around the small clearing, scenting desperately. 

Drellan stared at his friend until after nearly a minute later Moonpelt finally rose to return his gaze. 

"Yeah, I didn't find anything this whole time, so...."

The alpha closed his eyes, trying to remain calm while he spoke. "This is serious Moonpelt! We have to look for a sign of where they went, the fire is getting closer and if get's here we'll never find their trail. Can you be a grown wolf and work with me here?"

"... Pretty lights..." Came a mesmerized response.

"What?" Drellan's eyes snapped open as he glared a Moonpelt. The white wolf was just staring off into the undergrowth, most likely admiring distant fire. "Will you just focus! Let's backtrack, maybe we missed something along the path."

"But there was a-"

Drellan let out a low growl, stepping over to where the white wolf was staring. "Moonpelt, this isn't the time for your antics, let's move back south. We must have missed something..."

Just as the wolf set out, his ears perked at the sound of a massive roar in the distance. The sheer volume told him it was not an animal he had met before. Both wolves turned their gaze to the mountains, following the sound. From their spot in the clearing the two could barely make out the sight of the distant Council Tree. They watched in horror as it erupted with fire, the gigantic branches starting to crumble. Unable to look away, the wolves saw the familiar flash of light that indicated a Phoenix had shifted forms. They watched as the distant ball of flame entered a massive dive, pulling up towards the hundreds of specks Drellan knew were birds fleeing the fire. As the Phoenix came out of the dive, the wolves caught a glimpse of the creature who would change their world forever.

Tyrin gazed upwards to see a massive pair of leathery wings blot out a portion of the sky. On wings of flame he spun to the right to avoid the creature's massive claws as it roared past him. The Phoenix glanced behind him, and got his first true look at the beast. 

It's body was covered in black scales which tapered off to a white-silver around the tip of it's tail and claws. It was a massive thing, it's body rippled with hidden muscles from the base of it's black wings to it's pointed, spiked tail. It had two enormous legs tucked underneath it for flight, it's claws closing back up at the tips of it's feet. The midpoint of the edge of it's wings had smaller claws as well, indicating that it was capable of walking on land as well by use of it's non-folding wings. As it turned it's head, it revealed a pair of piercing silver eyes, the same color of it's claws and tail tip. It's crest and horns too, carried tones of silver amidst midnight-black markings. From the top of it's skull erupted two wicked horns, curving backwards so as not to impede flight. In addition, it's head was lined with a range of other sized horns, the smallest of which rounded out the base of it's jaw and followed along to the chin of his mid-sized muzzle.  

Despite his initial surprise, after seeing those silver eyes Tyrin knew exactly what had attacked his home. He had warned of the Dragon's arrival since the day he returned from the Ethyrium. The Phoenix glared downwards as the Dragon's rage turned into a look of determination. 

"Agathar... How did you leave the Ethyrium?"

The Dragon angled his wings to stay aloft, turning and powering up towards the Phoenix with a deadly hiss. "I TOLD YOU A DEBT WOULD BE PAID, THAT I WOULD NEVER STOP. DID YOU DOUBT MY DETERMINATION, OR JUST PUT FAITH IN YOUR OWN ARROGANCE?"

Agathar gave Tyrin not time to answer, slamming into him with his crest of horns and bowling the Phoenix over mid-air. The fire-bird snapped at his wings and drove his flaming talons into his side, but his hardened scales easily repelled the scratches. The Dragon swung his muzzle to the side and bit down on Tyrin's wings, un-phased by the fire. The pair viciously tangled with each other, spiraling downwards as wings, claws, talons, and jaws scraped against each-other till they spilled blood. The two beasts kept falling, till they crashed into a hollowed tree on the side of the mountain cliffs, separating the two for a moment.

The Dragon unleashed another deafening roar, and from his jaws erupted a volley of flames that obliterated the hollow and engulfed Tyrin completely. The Phoenix dove through the flames and headbutted Agathar, stopping the inferno and slashing at his throat. In an attempt to shake off Tyrin, Agathar leaped from the seared hollow and rocketed towards the Council Tree, where scores of smaller Dragons could be seen cutting down the bird's forces with ease.

The two shot through the cluster of fighting, striking several warriors on either side as they careened onto the shattered half-platform Tyrin had left only minutes earlier. The Phoenix quickly rolled to a stop, and jumped to his feet to face the next onslaught from Agathar, but the Dragon had come to a stop as well.


Tyrin froze, whipping his massive head back towards the Dragon's gaze. From the doorway emerged a pair of unusual birds. Two dark-colored falcons shimmered with a violet flame, as if small purple Phoenix. From their unusually long talons led a short metal chain to something behind them. One of the two glanced at the other and pulled on the chain, sending violet cinders into the air around them as they moved aside, and Na'thain fell to the floor in front of them. The chain was wrapped around his wings and across his chest so that he could not fly, and his usually soft gaze was instead locked in fear at the Dragon in front of them. 

Tyrin clenched his talons as if getting ready to fight, but a deep growl from Agathar forced him to stop.


Tyrin stared at the Dragon, actual fear in his large sunset colored eyes as he glanced between his father and Agathar. After a moment of hesitation, his flames ceased and he reverted back to a Red-Tailed Hawk. Now, dwarfed in size by the mighty Dragon, Tyrin's feathers began to prickle with terror. Where is Syrune?

"I don't know how you got here, Agathar. But I know you're here for me. You've killed scores of birds that had nothing to do with this... Let the King go, and I'll return with you to the Ethyrium..."


Na'thain's voice pierced through the tension, the old king staring the Dragon down despite his fear. "You will not touch Tyrin! Whatever quarrel you have can be resolved in other ways. He is good, and kind. Whatever he has done I know he will help you with."


Tyrin's eyes blazed with anger, and his beak gritted into a viscous hiss. "YOU CANNOT TAKE OUR HOME!"

Agathar turned to watch Tyrin, taking a few steps towards him while Na'thain remained quiet. For a moment, everything seemed to be muted as Agathar stared into Tyrin's eyes. The Dragon's talons dug into the wood in calm rage as he gazed down at Tyrin. 

Tyrin stared up at the Dragon, barely able to breathe as the world itself went quiet. "You will not take our home from us... I will never allow it. These birds will never be ruled by you..."

Agathar listened to Tyrin, keeping frigidly still as he observed, waiting.

"We will die fighting you, before we let you-" In his anger, and through his words, Tyrin had stepped forward to meet Agathar's challenging gaze. The instant his talon had moved, Agathar whipped his spiked tail to his side without so much as a sound, and slashed Na'thain's throat.

The movement had surprised the hawk, who had no time to interpret what happened until he watched the red seep from Na'thain's neck. Tyrin stopped talking with a stuttered breath, frozen in place as he watched his father.

As the King fell forward, Tyrin gave a silent cry, his eyes glistening with tears as he kept still.


Tyrin could barely hear the Dragon speak as he watched his father fall in silent torment, his anguish running from his eyes and wetting the feathers on his beak. The Phoenix only tore his gaze from Na'thain when Agathar's head came between them. Tyrin gazed into his silver eyes, feeling the warm blood of his father pool around his talons. He was quiet as he focused only on breathing, and only a snarl from Agathar reminded him of the stakes. If he did not speak, more would die.

".... I, Tyrin.... Ki....King of this Council.... revoke my right as ruler, and declare the Council as finished.... By my words we are no more... And power to this land belongs to he who claims it..."

A rumble of satisfaction came from the Dragon's throat as Tyrin finished his words, and at last he rose to full height, gazing at the fighting around him. He opened his jaws and spoke with words that echoed from the mountain cliffs for all to hear.


As Agathar continued speaking, now drawing the crowd of fighting birds to stop around him. Each of them watched in terror as the Dragon lifted his tail once more, faced Tyrin again, and buried the spiked tip into his chest.


Tyrin could make no sound as the pointed horn drove into his chest. His body went cold in shock, and there was no time to think. In a natural attempt to save him, his own body tried to shift to his Phoenix form, but the wound was too fatal, and the last thing Tyrin saw was his father's blood around his talons, as he faded to ashes for the seventh and final time.

Drellan stared up at the mountain, diligently listening to the distant voice. "He... he said.... did he just say Tyrin is dead?!"

Moonpelt turned to face Drellan with terrified eyes, "I... I think..." 

The two wolves stared at each other in shock for a while, trying to make sense of what they had seen and heard, it wasn't until the overpowering smell of smoke filled their noses that they remembered the forest fire was getting closer. 

"We have to go, we have to find them!" Drellan ran forward, not stopping to make sure Moonpelt was keeping up as he tore through the undergrowth. I can't worry about Tyrin right now, him and Rinka will be fine! Fin and Fayru too, they're okay, I know it! I have to know it.

The grey wolf had been running so fast, he barely notice when the log he had started to leap over crackled with cinders. Drellan panicked, diving sideways and sliding into the soot of a half-burned tree. He turned to go back the way he came when more fire erupted from the bushes nearby. It suddenly occurred to him that he had no idea where his friend had gone, and he let out a howling call. "MOONPELT!!"

"DRELLAN!!" Came a reply from the other side of the trees, as Drellan spied the flashes of white through the undergrowth. By now, the roar of the fire had begun to drown out whatever Moonpelt was saying, and Drellan focused on finding a way through to him. The wolf dove into a creekbed, and caught a glimpse of Moonpelt retreating from a line of flaming branches that had fallen close by. 

"Hold on Moonpelt, I can see you! I'm going to find a way through!" Though even as Drellan called to him, he lost sight of the white wolf around the top of the creekbed as smoke began to billow down from the sides.

"Moonpelt where are-" 

Drellan's cry was cut short by the sound of an explosion behind him, and as light cut through the smoke in front of him, he turned to find the source. A few feet away, a massive ripple of torn light filled his vision. The yellow and white light let off a loud hum, but Drellan was forced closer to it as the smoke bore down on him. The wolf approached the light, and began to see figured through the center of yellow hues. As if gazing into a reflection in a pond, Drellan saw familiar sights, and strange ones. He froze as spotted a cluster of wolves in the strange light, and a familiar voice let out a desperate cry.


"Rose?!" Drellan stared into the light, seeing the strange creatures attacking his family. He turned behind him to try and see Moonpelt, but the approaching flames told him the white wolf must have gone looking for him in the wrong direction. He hesitated for a moment, hearing no sign of Moonpelt, and forced himself to believe that the white wolf had already made it out. Drellan took one last glance as the approaching flames, and dove into the light with bared fangs and a viscous snarl.

"DRELLAN!!" Moonpelt cried into the flames, no sign of the grey wolf anywhere near. Moonpelt kept calling, forcing himself to believe that maybe Drellan had made it out on the other side. The white wolf headed for the safety of the un-burned forest, and started to double around to where they were first separated. He got halfway there when another set of flames roared overheard. Moonpelt's first instinct was that Tyrin had come to save them, but this fire was a deep violet, and dark shades of blue and black shone through it. Panting, Moonpelt watched the fire-bird soar overhead, and was struck rigid with fear when he saw it curve in the direction of the camp.

The white wolf knew if Drellan had seen the purple bird, he would have followed it too, and so he ran towards camp as fast as he could. Moonpelt didn't stop until he broke through the undergrowth at the edge of their camp to see the wolves gathered around the purple bird in fear. He stared at the purple bird for a moment, then finally recognized him as Zarrock, and slipped back into the undergrowth to stay hidden.

Zarrock had landed in the clearing with a deafening rumble, scattering the wolves to the edges of the camp as he gazed at each of them. The violet Phoenix opened his beak in a menacing hiss, slowly gazing at each of the wolves as they began to assemble. 

Pike stared up at the fire-bird, eyes full of fear for a moment until he blinked it away with a small shake of his head. He tucked Raiya closer to him, and slowly moved through the crowd with the pup stumbling along until he reached K'Rule. Quietly, he nudged a stunned Raiya over to her grandfather and stood on the other side to protect her. "Stay quiet now, Raiya. Don't make a sound..."

The small pup nodded, her tiny fur fluffed up in terror as she quietly snuggled closer to K'Rule and Pike.

After a while of silence, Zarrock opened his beak to speak as the wolves looked on in mutual fear. 

"Today this land has changed...Your kind is no longer welcome... Where is your leader? I want Drellan, and I'll kill every one of you, until I find him....Come out and play, Alpha!" Zarrock cackled, his voice radiating as if a dozen of him spoke at once in different tones.

K'Rule was silent as he turned to Pike, both aware that Drellan and Moonpelt had left earlier. Most of the pack looked around as if searching for him, while others stood rigidly still. 

"What are we going to do?!" Pike whispered, panic in his voice as he looked to K'Rule for answers.

K'Rule stared at Pike, opening his muzzle to answer when Zarrock spoke again. 

"Where is Drellan? ... I'll tell you what.... I'm going to count from, let's say... fifteen. If Drellan doesn't show himself in that time, I kill a wolf, and we count again. And it goes on and on and on until I see that grey wolf standing RIGHT HERE!!!" 

Pike looked at K'Rule again in horror as Zarrock began to count. 


"We have to do something, if we can tell him Drellan's not here maybe he'll go!" Pike whispered as K'Rule shook his head. "No, he'll likely kill us all in that case..."


While the two wolves spoke, Zarrock continued counting, reaching ten before Pike could think of a reply. He closed his eyes, trying to quell his fear. Drellan is coming, Drellan will save us!


And Najmah too! She's never let us down Najmah will come, she's strong and brave, she'll be here!


Pike's ears flattened and he squeezed his eyes even tighter, praying for help as K'Rule began backing slowly with Raiya towards one of the dens. 


He's not going to kill us! Drellan won't let him! 


Someone please help us! PLEASE!!


Rose.... I don't think I'll ever get to tell you...


No, if he kills us all he'll come after you too...


I'll never let him hurt you Rose. I'll never let him hurt any of us again.

"Two! Come out now Drellan! Or your pack is going to start dying!"

Pike's eyes shot open, and his paws dug into the dirt as he stiffled his fear into anger. The wolf took a shaky deep breath, keeping his fur flat and his eyes up. He washed his fear away as he moved forward, a flame of determination in his eyes.

"One! That's it, it's time for fun. You've let your pack die for you Drellan, wherever you're cowering, I will find you!" Zarrock snarled, and the Phoenix took a step forward while his flames grew brighter. Just as he was about to strike, a small wolf stepped out of the crowd.

Pike stared across the clearing from Zarrock as he stepped forward, shrugging out of some wolves in front of him as he broke the crowd.

K'Rule let out a frantic whisper, holding Raiya close. "Pike?! What are you doing?!"

The young wolf ignored K'Rule's desperate whispers, and glared at the wicked bird before him. "You wanted me... here I am."

Zarrock hissed in surprise, moving forwards to get down to Pike's face. He stared at him for a long while, as if trying to recall features from the brief glimpse he had stolen when Drellan had emerged from the Soul Key. After a long while, he saw the bravery in the young wolf's eyes, and his arrogance told him that no wolf who had not fought him could be so bold. The others were fearful, but this one was strong... Satisfied, the Dark Phoenix let out a low chuckle. "Why did you wait so long, Drellan? Did you think I don't keep my word? You should know better..."

Pike glared up at the violet bird. "I know exactly what you are... You're evil, it it's truest form... You love torment, because you are monster... And we are no longer scared of monsters!"

Zarrock snarled menacingly, "Oh...you are afraid of monsters, and if they do not fear me... they will." The Dark Phoenix finished with a whisper, before looking up at the gathered wolves. "Your alpha has just told me he is not afraid... are you?"

K'Rule let out an enraged growl, "We will NEVER fear you!"

Zarrock snorted, letting out another hiss. "I AM fear! This wolf tried to kill me before, and now he has convinced you that you have nothing to fear... Then maybe I'll GIVE you a reason!!"

Without warning, he slammed his massive talons down on Pike, pinning him to the ground. As K'Rule started forward with a snarl, Zarrock let out a sickening roar, causing the crowd to stay put.

Pike stared up at the Dark Phoenix, his paws shook his terror, but his eyes remained bold. "No matter what you do, we'll never be scared of you! I WILL NEVER BE SCARED OF YOU! WE ARE THE NORTHERN MOUNTAINS PACK, AND WE NEVER FEAR."

Even as the talons clenched tighter around him, piercing his hide, Pike remained brave as he stared back into Zarrock's eyes.

Drellan, I am as brave as you are. I will never forget what you have shown me. You showed me how to be brave, and now I'll be brave for you.

Zarrock lifted Pike off the ground with one talon, and slammed him back down with violent force. As the talons sank into his body, Pike heard some of the wolves scream but he himself stayed silent, glaring into the eyes of the Phoenix and showing no pain.

Najmah, I am as strong as you now too... even though you fought with me, and never seemed to like me, you were always my friend. And even when you wouldn't laugh at my jokes, or kicked me for waking you up to early, I still love you...I'm strong for you now.

Zarrock lifted Pike off the ground again, and slammed him down with his now bloodies talons, sinking them even deeper into the wolf.

Juryoku, I'm as tough as you are. I'll always stand for what's right, and I'll always remember you helping me, even if I forgot how to say your name and you got mad at me. I'm sorry if I ever let you down, but I'll be tough for you now...

Zarrock roared, cackling as tears broke from Pike's eyes, and he began to whimper from pain. He lifted him once more amidst the screams of the wolves around him, 

Rose...I will always-

Zarrock slammed Pike down a final time, a horrifying crunch erupting from the wolf's back as at last the whimpering stopped. Zarrock roared in triumph over the screams of horror from the wolves, and tossed Pike's body aside.

K'Rule holwed with anger, tears streaming from his eyes as he charged the fire-bird. Wolves from all sides rushed toward Zarrock, lunging at his flaming feathers and biting onto anything they could a hold of. Zarrock roared and shook, grabbing wolves with his bloodied talons and throwing them aside. In the midst of the chaos, Moonpelt had erupted from the undergrowth, anguish on his eyes as he ran towards the fighting. The wolves who weren't fighting had run for shelter in a nearby den, and Moonpelt caught a glimpse of Raiya and Raven being pushed inside. He recognized the den as Hazelle's, his mate and the mother of Raven. He rushed into the den and searched for his mate and pup, and nearly tripped over Raiya instead.

Moonpelt took a frantic look at the danger outside, and scooped up Raiya in his jaws. He scattered from the den and ran into the nearby undergrowth, placing a crying Raiya in the folded roots of the first tree he could find. "Raiya stay here! Don't move!"

Panicking, Moonpelt rushed back to the camp and into the clearing as he saw Zarrock shake the last of the wolves off. Some of them lay un-moving on the ground, others were covered in blood or debri as they tried to get up and fight again. He stared, frozen, as Zarrock pushed K'Rule back into the entrance of the den the wolves had been hiding in. The old alpha stood in front of the door, barely able to stand, and with blood streaming from a gash on his head.

With his back turned to Moonpelt, Zarrock reared his head back, and Moonpelt's eyes met with K'Rule's.

"WE NEVER FEAR." The old wolf stared Zarrock down, and bared his fangs to the last breath as the Dark Phoenix unleashed a torrent of fire through K'Rule and the den.

Moonpelt screamed in anguish, his legs falling from under him as he collapsed, watching the flames consume the den. Hazelle, Raven, K'Rule, all of the pups, the pack, and Drellan for all he knew had been inside. 

Moonpelt struggled to stand as as the fire kept roaring, and as he watched his world erupt in cinders, Zarrock lifted from the ground and shot into the air with another roar. Tears streamed from the white wolf's eyes as he let out another cry of grief. He began backing away, sobbing as he helplessly watched the fires. Finally, he tore his head away and headed for the treeline. Barely able to breathe through his sobs, Moonpelt grabbed Raiya by her scruff, and ran.


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(Part Three)


Tyrin stared in Agathar's direction while the dragon spoke, barely able to feel the feathers on his skin as he watched the Dragon's tail-tip drip with his own blood. Shock had already set in, and there was no pain. Fire rose in his chest as the Phoenix within him struggled to survive. He knew from the sight of his blood that there was no coming back. Desperately, he threw open his mind and felt for his mate. Through their bond he would be able to speak to her, and warn her of what had happened. Just as he found her and began to make the connection between their minds, his body began to wither. As if blown by the steady breeze, Tyrin felt his talons, wings, and feathers turn to ash as they had done so many times before. He had been killed once before by Syrune, her being manipulated by Zarrock. Another, by Zarrock himself when he had become a Dark Phoenix. Again, by Archeus to trap his soul in the Ethyrium, where he was killed three more times over the eight years he spent there. As per the rules of the Phoenix, your seventh death is final.

Tyrin knew this, as his body turned to ash. The last thing his eyes saw was the blood of his father creep across the splintered wood beneath his talons. 


Before he could say more to his mate, his body had faded, and Tyrin was no more. The vision of blood beneath his talons was enveloped in a curtain of darkness, and pulled into the void of death.

First there was pain, then nothing. Everything had become nothing. No thoughts, no loves, no fear, no body, no mind. Tyrin had become nothing. Everything had ceased to be or have been as the nothing of Tyrin soared through the void of black. When out of the nothing, came something, a voice.

"What is this? ... Where am I? ..."

The voice was Tyrin's, though he was unaware of how he had spoken. His thoughts had now become physical, part of his consciousness as he floated through the void. 

Again, he cried out into the nothing. "Is this how eternity ends? .... Is this my fate? ... Where is the Ethyrium? How do I move to the place of souls?" 

"I have been there before! I have conquered the red skies and I have escaped! Send me there again so I can come back! Let me save the others!"

No response, again. There was simply nothing.

".... Help me! .... Someone help me! Send me back!"

"I wasn't finished!"

"I can still save them, all of them."


Again and again, the nothing of Tyrin cried into the darkness. There was no time here, and Tyrin did not know how long he waited until something changed. All he could do was think. He had no body, or not one that he could see. All that was Tyrin had become a thought, a swirl of memories and ideas that called for help again and again. Had a lifetime transpired? Or two? An eternity, or perhaps only a moment later, a response had come.

"You are afraid."

"......Who's there?"

"There is no more fear. There are no more 'who' and no more 'there'. There is only nothing. This is not death, Tyrin, Fireblood, Phoenix, King, Mate, Son, Brother and Father. This is nothing. This is what becomes of those who pass from your world. I will offer you a choice now... Stay here, in the space between spaces, or move on."

"I don't... I don't understand... What happens if I move on? What happens if I stay?"

"If you stay, this will forever be your fate. There will be many who come and go from this place, but you will never follow. You will not have to choose between returning or leaving, but instead remain somewhere between. You will not see your kin who have moved on without you, and they will never see you.... If you move on, you have seen one of many possible places you be sent to spend eternity. The place you call Ethyrium is not one place but many, each infinitely different in it's own right. The one you seek may not be the one you will go to, but when you are there you are free."

"Well that's.... that's hardly a choice, isn't it? Stay here and never choose, or choose and never come back....Can I ask you something?"

"You are. You can. You will."

".... Who are you? Who are you to demand I choose? Why can I not go back? I am not finished!"

"No one is ever finished, and I... I am death. I am life. I am the caretaker of souls. The final knot to tie. I am the end of existence. I am the beginning of all."

"I want to go back. I don't want to move on and I can't stay here. I don't know what you think you know about me, but I will never stop until the ones I care about are safe... I will fight you to the end of time, whatever you are, and I will not stop until I'm free. So now you choose. Set me free, or suffer my defiance for the rest of eternity..."

"You have a strong soul, Tyrin. And you are right to seek another path, not many have done so in the past, and not many will do so in the future... I cannot promise you that you will never return here, as one day all will. So understand this. If you return to your world, you will be making your choice. As I said before, the void keeps all who do not choose to move onwards. When you return here, you will never be given another choice. You will stay here, in the nothing, in the void of time, in the space between spaces, for the rest of eternity.... what say you now?"

".....Do it."

"You are sure? So suddenly, you are sure? This cannot be undone. You will return to your world... but the day you die, you will suffer the void until the end of time."

"... I know.... But if it means saving the others... If it means a second chance, and a way to end the suffering of others after me... then do it. Send me home."

"You have chosen. Fly well Tyrin, Fireblood, Phoenix, King, Mate, Son, Brother, and Father. I leave you with this, a token of faith. You have chosen your own path. Do not curse me when your consequences come for you. I am just, and fair, and your fate was decided by your own desires. I will not welcome you again, but you were a pleasure to converse with. I hope you accomplish what you seek to do."

"....Wait. There has to be more.... there has to be something else. You claim to know all that was and is... help me then. Tell me what I need to do. You say you are just and fair, yet I have agreed to be tortured with silence until the end of days. Unless you wish to see me live that through moments after I go back to my world, then give me a fighting chance!"

"...Very well."

"Embers rise as ashes fall
The Harbinger of horrors comes
Two mothers scorned,
As shadows speak
A family torn,
At last united
Blood bites Blood,
From a pack divided
You will stoke the flames of the Betrayer
But only they can fight their fate,
Only the darkest heart
Can close the gate."

As the voice from beyond finished, the nothing faded again. A gleam of white light shone, and stole away all that Tyrin could see. He was pulled inside and at last the white gave way to other colors. Soon, colors became vivid and more varied, then those colors became objects. Leaves, grass, flowers... life.

(Sorry for deceiving you, but this "Kale" scene is more of a teaser. It will be a while before we get to see into Kale's head, but don't worry, he won't be a mystery forever. Wink )

The smells for charred leaves and singed grass reached Raiya's small nose as she was carried deeper into the forest. The wolf who held her was moving incredibly fast, but from fear or determination she could not tell. The pup shifted uncomfortably, not understanding why she had been held so long. She had never been carried this far from home for this long. She had no idea about the events from the camp, having been sheltered beneath K'Rule and later under the roots of a tree. She could not make sense of the sounds she had heard, but she knew it was something bad. After a long time of being carried, Raiya's eyes watered as she remembered how long it had been since she saw her parents. To the small pup, an entire day was like a lifetime, and this finally prompted her to speak up.


The white wolf did not reply as he ran, unable to form the words to comfort the small pup. Moonpelt turned sharply, turning away from the direction of the distant embers. 

"W-Where are we going?"

Again, the bigger wolf did not respond, much to Raiya's confusion. She let out a small growl of frustration, beginning to flail her legs. "I want mama and papa!! ....Are we going to them?"

When Moonpelt did not answer her questions, the pup flailed her legs even harder, tears starting to form. "I want NAJMAH! That's mama's name! I learned-ed that all by mySELF! And papa's name is- .... Uh, papa's name is.... Droolin! Now you, you just take me home right now mister or else! ....... Moony, pleeeeeeeeeaaaaase- "

Slowly, Moonpelt came to a stop, temporarily calming Raiya. The small pup was too busy complaining to realize what had stopped the bigger wolf in his tracks.

The white wolf had paused at the edge of the forest, staring out through a gap in the trees at the field beyond. Only a few deer leaps away shone a brilliant light, just like the one he had seen before in the burning forest. The white and yellow light tore through the open air for several feet, emitting a low hum that grew louder by the moment.

Moonpelt stared into the light, trying to understand what was happening while Raiya began to struggle once more. 

"What is that? .... Can we play with it?!" Raiya asked, staring into the lights. Before Moonpelt gave her an answer, the bigger wolf had already started forward. 

Moonpelt stepped out of the woods and into the clearing to get a better view. "I... I don't know Raiya... Let's just try and find out what they-- "

"Wolf! Stop! Step away from the Rift! ....I'm not going to hurt you, or the pup. I can take you somewhere safe... but I need something in return... my name is Kale, and I know exactly what those lights are."

The white wolf flinched, whirling to the right to lock eyes with whoever had spoken. Through Raiya's scruff he let out a warning growl, his peppered back fur bristling as he stared at who had spoken. A few feet away stood a small Peregrine Falcon, his cream and blue-ish feathers lay calmly as he stared over at the wolf.

Kale took a small step forward, "Hey, it's okay... I know a safe place. You're looking for Drellan, right? I saw where he went. I'll explain, but I need you to come with me. It's not safe out here, too exposed. They'll be coming down the mountain quite soon, and it would be unwise to rest in a clearing when there are flying hunters nearby-- it's how I spotted you."

Moonpelt looked on at Kale for a moment more, "H-how do you know Drellan?"

"I don't.... but I'm looking for the birds who do."


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Unknown Time, Unknown Place

The deafening hum of rain rang through the dark woods, black clouds hiding the moon as droplets fell to the trees and ran off the umbrella of leaves. The rains poured over every surface, coating the bark and swirling into pools around the forest roots. The mud beneath the trees shimmered with each flash of lightning, and the leaves shook with the powerful roar of thunder. Through the murky black emerged the shadows of trees, lit only by the glistening water when moonlight cut through the sky, and the flicker of a distant candle. Moving towards the small warm glow of the candle was the shadow of a bird, it's feathers cloaked in darkness and dripping with the soak of the thunderstorm. Laboring with each movement, the shadow drew closer. It kept under the treeline, doing its best to remain as dry as possible as it quietly pushed through the crowd of raindrops.

In the darkness of the storm, other small flecks of candlelight shone through tiny holes in many trees, but the shadow only glided toward one. A traveler of long and far, the shadow in the rains came to a brisk stop as it perched at the tips of a hollowed tree, talons resting unsteadily on slick branches. A flash of lightning lit the traveler for a glimpse of time, feathers and tree both a mix of the same colors.

From the soft glow of the candle, a second shadow emerged from the hollow, beckoning the traveler inside. The bird nodded after a moment's hesitation, and followed the second shadow into the warm safety of the candlelit tree. Once inside, the traveler kept still as the second shadow moved to touch one candle to another, brightening the hollowed tree enough to see the bird who had arrived. The second shadow lifted with the glow of the candle, and emerged as an aged Golden Eagle, his beak riddled with burn scars and his feathers no better. The traveler remained cloaked in the darkness of the hollow entrance, opting to remain that way as the Eagle accepted with a small smile.

"You don't have to hide here. Our eyes do not speak." The Eagle spoke softly, his graveled voice just short of a whisper.

The traveler nodded politely, but remained in the shadows as they replied. "Don't mistake caution for mistrust. You know why I come at this hour, as another did before."

The Eagle grew silent, his eyes pondering downwards for a moment before he met the traveler's gaze. He sighed, from exhaustion or sadness- it wasn't clear, as he moved to a small perch nearby. The old bird settled down to rest his talons while the traveler kept still. Once he was still as well, the Eagle looked once more to the traveler. "... Your position is sensitive... why would you risk everything coming here, chasing a story without a kind ending. Tell me... do you seek the horrors, or do they come to you?"

The traveler flexed their talons, thinking earnestly for a moment before giving an honest reply. "Could be both, but today I come for truth. If horror follows, then so be it."

The Eagle was quiet, a small smile across his beak as if the answer amused him. "I'll not ask how it is that you're here, but I may continue to question why. I fear that what I have to tell you will break you open in ways no healer could mend. I don't know why you want to know this information, or how you know that I have it, but with the questions you've asked before, I'm not sure I want to know. I'll tell you everything I can tell you... but I won't be responsible for what you do with it. I refuse to be burdened and branded as the one who undid you... you must swear to be strong."

The traveler took a deep breath, listening to the muffled storm outside. Weary wings and talons finally feeling justified for their journey as the Eagle spoke. At last the traveler nodded through the shadows, pulling their wings in close to get comfortable as they began to listen. "I must know. I have to be strong for that.... take me back to the first night. Start from the moment you got the first letter."

The Eagle nodded, craning from his perch to reach a small carved bowl of rainwater. He brought it to his beak and finished the drink with a sigh before settling down once more. "Then so be it, indeed. From the beginning then..."



The Wild Series: Reign of Ashes - Drellan (Wolf), Ambyra (Phoenix), Kale (Falcon), Raiya (Wolf), Syrune (Phoenix), Dalkota (Gryphon), Tyrin (Phoenix), Kelldan (Wolf), Agathar (Dragon), Spindle (Kahiir), T'Sone (Shade), Zarrock (Alpha Shade)

Myths and Magic - James Carter (Human, Mind Magic), Samuel Wright (Human, Tech Magic)

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((In collaboration with Jay))

--Crested Moon Isle ((off the coast of present day Mexico)) Two Years Ago --

A Brahminy Kite shuffled through a grove of trees, wings pressed tightly to her side as her eyes were focused heavily on the ground, focusing on making it back to her hollow. She had a crude satchel around her which looked like it had seen better days as she shuffled about in the grass. She froze in place as the beat of wings came behind her.

"Khiarra..." a dark voice cooed as talons clicked on the dirt. It was a harpy eagle, his violet eyes peering at the kite. "There you are little dove," he used his talons to spin the kite around, smirking at the fear in her eyes. "You were suppose to be back at your hollow hours ago, why are you so slow?"

The kite furrowed her brow, but the look quickly faded when the harpy eagle stretched out over her to glare her down.

"Little dove, you cannot keep doing this to me. Making me worry, I thought some mangy wolf had gobbled up my precious little dove." He clicked his tongue. "Tsk tsk tsk, Khiarra." The eagle flapped his wings to take off, causing a breeze to ruffle the feathers on Khiarra's face and head. "Come now, darling," he started flying back over her into the trees. "I expect you to be at the keep at dawn."

Khiarra looked at the sky and watched an assortment of other birds--kites, hawks, eagles, and falcons--fly towards a center hill. Her face dropped as she looked back down at the ground and continued shuffling her way towards the hill.

The kite had made it to her ground-level hollow just as the sun was disappearing. She sighed heavily as she put her satchel down. She unhooked the latch and pulled out a jagged shard of metal she had found. Nimbly grabbing it with her beak, she placed it on her desk that was scattered with worn books, wells of ink, and an assortment of papers. She lit a candle and looked about her hollow. 

It was much smaller than the other hollows in the colony, just barely big enough for a bed, a desk, and a sorry excuse for a bookshelf. She had a tiny window that she had covered with dried ferns to have some privacy. She opened up a book she had on her desk with the title "Brothers Fowl: Stories from the Underworld" written beautifully in gold calligraphy. Most of the stories were just to scare unruly chicks into going to bed on time but one story intrigued her the most. Like it was calling out to her.

"Chased by Shadows.." Khiarra had read to herself as her wing gently traced the page. She had read this story several times--it was about a little falcon chick that had ran away after dark and was being chased through the forest by a shadow. It would have scared the feathers off of any chick and to an extent it still terrified the female kite. She jumped as the wind howled and rain started to pound against her hollow door. Feathers still puffed out, she figured she had no other choice but to just submit and go to bed for the night for the impending storm would disrupt any  reading she wanted to do. She made sure the hollow door was latched tight not to be ripped open by the wind during the night, wetted her talons and put out her candle.

A little Brahimy kite chick, still covered in her fluffy dawn feathers, awoke from a big clap of thunder. Her little heart was pounding when she looked around in the darkness as she tried to call out to her parents. "Mumma? Papa?" she cried but no one answered. The door to the hollow was slightly swaying in the storm. The curious little chick crawled out of the nest that wasn't hers and peered out the door into the night. "MUMMA! PAPA!" she called outside. The chick pushed past the heavy door and was being pelted by the cold rain. The wind pushed against her hard but she pressed on into the storm. The wind whipped and knocked the small chick off her feet and she tumbled down a hill and landed in a bush. She shook off the fall and started to breathe heavy, tears welling in her eyes. "MUMMA!!" she screamed, crawling out of the bush. "PAPA!!" she started to be able to make out shapes in the darkness. She made her way to a tree stump where something metalic clicked against her talons. She could barely make it out but it was a small pendant, similar to the one her mother always wore around her neck. The little chick gasped, picking it up. "Mumma's charm!" she looked around. Trees overhead were blocking most of the rain from hitting the ground so the little chick could actually see. She saw the tip of a wing sticking out from behind a tree and she started to chirp excitedly. "Mumma! Papa!" she cheered as she skipped over to the tree and stopped right as she turned the corner. Her little mind couldn't wrap around what she was seeing. The wing belonged to one of two mangled kites she had found, the two dead birds were almost unrecognizable as the chicks mother and father. The little chick didn't know what to do but to start screaming and crying.

Khiarra flailed in her sleep, screaming from her horrible nightmare as she started panting and crying. She was trembling as she stood up and walked over to her desk and light her candle. She opened her desk drawer and picked up her necklace with a tarnished charm dangling from the chain. It was gold that was bronzed with age and had an unknown purplish blue gem in the center. The kite had never forgotten that night in the forest. To comfort herself she placed the necklace around her neck and felt a warmness building up on her chest. "Mom. Dad. I haven't forgotten..." Khiarra looked towards the sky, tears still trickling down her beak and face. "I-I will find who did that to you.... but I don't have the strength to..." she trailed off, using a wing to pull back her curtain to look outside. The storm was trailing off as she noted the hunters were taking off for their morning hunt. Khiarra took a deep breath and unlatched her door, she draped her satchel over her shoulder and made her way out her out into the morning. She flapped and stretched out her wings and then folded then back at her side and walked into the trees.

"Hey! Khiarra!" a black hawk churred, resting on a branch above her. He had a couple other hawks with him. "Come up here! Have a chat with us! Oh wait..." he and the other hawks burst into laughter as they couldn't finish their joke. "You're so lame you didn't even know how to fly yet!"

"Shut up!" the kite yelled, tears welling up in her eyes.

"Aww look the little baby kite is crying. Fits her since no one ever taught her to fly yet!"

Khiarra whimpered as she scuttled away into the brush, being chased by the echos of the hawks laughing. "N-not stupid!" she whimpered as she made her way through the forest on foot. 

She was pretty good at running around, back flattened, facing forwards and tail out she could go pretty fast--though it wasn't as fast as flying. As she was scuttling along a twig snapping made her freeze. She folded her wings to her chest as her eyes were locked at the direction of the found. She started to back away slowly as the bush started to rustle.

"Oh no... oh no oh no ohno ohno ohno..." Khiarra winced until finally the noise maker burst form the brush. Khiarra let out a yelp at the sudden movement as a little brown rabbit sniffed at her direction. "Oh... it's just a rabbit..." she chuckled to herself nervously as she continued to her destination. It was a small cave nestled in the rocks of a cliffside, certainly invisible to an eye in the sky. She wiggled her way inside started down the path she had travelled too many times to count to get to town square when suddenly an explosion of gold light appeared in front of her. She halted at what seemed like a window to a storm. Her eyes widen as she recognized the the image. 
"Home..." she trailed off.

Two adult Brahminy kites landed in a clearing, both had panic in their voice. "Khiarra! Khiarra!" the two parents called out, looking for their chick.

"Mom? Dad?" Khiarra tilted her head and kept watching.

A harpy eagle landed behind the two kites. "I'm certain I saw the little chick here.." he started, seeming mildly concerned. "Are you certain she wasn't home?"

"YES!" the mother cried. "There was thunder and she's so scared of storms she couldn't have gone far."

"He stole me.... to lure them away from the colony..."

"Darling, please," the male kite put his wing around the female in an attempted to console her.

As the two kites weren't paying attention the eagle started to glow with a dark aura. "I'm sure she's somewhere..." the eagle then exploded into a shadow and launched himself at the two kites.

Khiarra closed her eyes and winced as this window erupted in screams as the creature ripped her parents apart. The kite was able to look again when the noises stopped.

Aldrynn stood there with the aura gone, drenched in blood that was slowly being cleansed from him by the steady rain. He panted and seemed proud of his deed when tiny chirps caught his attention.

"Mumma! Papa!" he heard in the distance as he spat in anger.

"That stupid little chick got out..." he hid in the trees as the chick rolled down the hill and eventually discovered her parents.

The sniveling kite chick cried in the rain over her dead parents as she turned and looked towards the sound of beating wings. A harpy eagle emerged out of the shadows, his violets eyes focused on the chick. "Oh little dove," he cooed, placing a wing on the chick. "You shouldn't be out here this late, come now let's get you dry."

As Aldrynn drifted off the window closed and in its place a metal dagger appeared in its place and clanged on the floor.

"Aldrynn," Khiarra hissed. She took note of the dagger that magically appeared before her. It was very ornamental, definitely not made by the hawks that attempt owl-craftsmanship on the island. It appeared to be silver and it seemed like it was a sign. She knew who killed her parents. She had the tool to do it. She shook out of nerves. She couldn't... no she didn't have the courage to plunge that dagger into Aldrynn's back. She still plucked the dagger off the ground and tucked it away into her satchel and made her way to the keep.

She couldn't recall what it use to look like, but the older birds said it was in shambles compared to it's former glory. The little clutch of hollows she lived in was paradise compared to the main colony. As Khiarra made her way up to giant tree she took note of chicks sitting outside a vendor selling fish.

"Sorry kids," the vendor shook his head. "I can't jut give away food. You're short."

"But this is all mumma had," the bigger chick sniffled.

Khiarra appeared behind the chicks and scavenged through her satchel and placed two more shells on the counter. "I got it," she knew she couldn't get dinner on her way home unless she could somehow catch it on her own--but these chicks needed to eat more than her.

"Thank you, miss!" the chicks chirped in chorus as they snatched the fish from the vendor and proceeded to carry their prize away.

"Thank you, it was breaking my heart but you know how hard it is," the vendor nodded at Khiarra as she started to walk away.

She finally made it to the keep and Aldrynn was outside waiting for her. "Ah, little dove," he cooed. "There you are. Did any monsters come get you?"

"N-no sir," she tried not to make eye contact.

"Come, follow me. I need to show you something." Aldrynn started up the tree and Khiarra followed. The large tree had been converted into a city hall-type of building, built by the owls before all of them had been banished from the island. Khiarra nervously followed Aldrynn to one of the many balconies and the eagle sighed.

"I raised you from a baby... and I know you don't understand but there is a reason I never too the time to show you how to fly..." Aldrynn started, wings folded behind his back. "This world is too dangerous for you my little dove... that is why you're going to be staying here with me at the keep."

Khiarra flinched as Aldrynn brushed her face with his wing. "A-and why am I staying here now?"

"Every ruler needs a mate... and you are royal blood. Some of these others refuse to see me as ruler and there's only so much blood you can get on your talons before they start to get too restless."

Khiarra gasped, thinking back to all the birds that were found dead. All were mangled and burned similar to her parents. "You're the shadow..."

"Hm?" Aldrynn started, turning to face the young kite. "Did you say something little dove?"

Khiarra felt like she had an army behind her. She could feel the souls of those affected by this shadow supporting her, igniting an inner spark snuffed out before it had a chance to ignite. "I would NEVER take you as a mate, Aldrynn."

"Oh? Getting a temper now aren't we, little dove? How unlady-like," the harpy eagle sauntered over to Khiarra and chuckled. "But I'm afraid you have no choice in this matter--"

Khiarra let out a sharp hiss and jumped up in the air and slashed out with her talons, dragging them across his face ad chest.

This black ooze seeped from the wounds instead of blood as Aldrynn screeched, his dark aura pulsing around him as he exploded into his true form.

Khiarra let out a scream as fled away from the shadow, she had hopped onto the roof and sprinted for dear life as the shadow screamed and rocketted after her.

"NO WHERE TO RUN!" the creature howled.

Khiarra slid to a halt as she met the edge of the roof, some loose plates toppling off the side over the cliff, disappearing into the fog below. The kites chest heaved as she looked over as the shadow barreled towards her. All she could do is simply close her eyes. She felt the warmth of those metaphorical souls with her and they all whispered the same thing to her. She opened her wings and as the shadow's talons would of crushed her neck she fell backwards.

The shadow halted and landed on the edge of the roof where Khiarra had stood. The shadow magic had faded from him as he looked over the edge. "Pity."

A scream pierced the silence as Khiarra managed to launch herself from a tree branch sprouting from the cliffside, the dagger clutched tightly in her talons.

The eagle had no time to react as the kite plunged the dagger into his chest as she landed on him, flapping her wings as hard as she could to try to fly. She pulled the knife out of him and kept stabbing him over and over; blood spraying all over her crisp white feathers. "This. Is. For. Mother. And Father." she growled as she kept repeatedly plunging the silver knife into the long-since dead harpy eagle until she started shaking and sobbing. Her chest was heaving as if she was about to vomit because of her deed when a voice called out from behind her.

"Good job... and I see you found my dagger."

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The observing Red-Tailed hawk clicked his talons on the stone as the Kite began to recover, announcing his presence with a smooth voice. "... Good job... and I see you found my dagger..."

Khiarra's chest heaved as she looked at the hawk before her. She didn't recognize him from the isle but since she wasn't dead right now this hawk was obviously not one of Aldrynn's goons. "What the.. I don't..." she said through labored breaths as her eyes waters. She grew more queasy as she rushed past the hawk and gagged over the side of the building, her nerves getting the best of her stomach.

Tyrin closed his eyes for a moment, sensing what was going to happen with the Kite. He was quiet while she retched, letting her come to her senses and recuperate before speaking again softly. "...This is the first life you've taken?"

"Uh-huh," the kite nodded as she composed herself better as she stood up, wiping her beak with her wing. She turned to fully face the hawk. "I-I don't know what happened I felt like I had an army behind me and-and--" the kite trailed off, shaking her head in disbelief. "A-am I in t-trouble?"

"... That depends... why did you kill him?" Tyrin asked, turning to face her. His posture was tight and controlled, as if making an effort to seem polite. He tilted his head as he questioned the other bird.

Khiarra looked at the hawk and tried to find the right words. She had nothing to gain from lying but the truth would make her seem crazy. She took a deep breath, sighed, and figured she had nothing to lose at this point. "When I was a chick my p-parents were killed," she played with the pendant around her neck, caked with black blood from the shadow creature she had killed. "And this window appeared to me and showed me that he killed them... and when he ascended to the throne of our island h-he ruined us. He neglected his followers and even he adopted me he never taught me to fly so he could keep me here..." she looked up at the hawk and he seemed to be contemplating her story. She knew she sounded like she was insane, maybe she was. "He had dark plans for me and I didn't want him to hurt anyone ever again..." she looked at the dagger she was still clutching in her talons. "And I found this.. it fell out of what ever window appeared before me..."

Tyrin took a moment to think, nodding understandingly. "So you were after revenge? For your parents?"

"Not revenge," Khiarra started, looking the hawk in the eyes. "Justice." She had to fight the urge to break her gaze away when the hawk looked back into her eyes but she kept focused. "Children were sick and starving, the elderly were dying in our streets. He banished and killed all those who opposed him and refused to let the owls seek refuge here. He said he was a leader but he was a fearmonger, a demon from the shadows." She paused, and looked away and contemplated her next words. "It would have been a death sentence for all of us if he was allowed to continue to be in power." She paused for a second and looked back to the hawk. "Where are his guards... they should have killed us both by now..."

"They're dead." Tyrin answered, stepping past Khiarra to examine the body behind her. 

"Aldrynn's guards, and he himself, were something called Shades. You are right in saying he was a demon from the shadows... And you were right to put him down in the name of justice." 

Tyrin looked down at the bloodied dagger as he continued. "We've been watching you for a while, studying your motivations. We could have killed this Shade earlier, but as you saw in the Rift, the justice was for you to take.... You did well Khiarra... I'm here to offer you a way to bring more justice to this world. My name is King Tyrin, of the Old Council... What do you know of the Phoenix Guard?" 

As he finished speaking, Tyrin looked back into the Kite's eyes with a hopeful shine.

"King Tyrin? There were whispers you were dead." This means I must be dead Aldrynn killed me and I'm dead and this explains why a king, a dashlingly handsome one at that, is here to take me away. She blinked and after her inner monologue continued. "Aldrynn said the phoenix were just stories for chicks to fall asleep to... but after everything that's happened today, I'd believe dragons were real too at this point."

Tyrin let out a small chuckle for probably the first time in a year. "Only whispers? Your island is very isolated." 

The king gave a small smile, stepping away from the body and giving his full attention to Khiarra. "As expected, there is a lot you don't know... But I'm willing to show you. You've seen what a single group of Shades can do... But there's a whole war out there being faught in the darkness. And against the darkness, there must always be a light. I think you have what it takes to be a lighy, Khiarra. If you wish it, you can come with me now, I'll take you somewhere safe, and you will become more powerful than you could ever dream of... All I ask-- require-- is that you use this power to fight the injustice like you did today. There are negatives, sure, and those will be discussed in time. You won't be able to come back here until this war is over, for starters. But I can show you places you could never think of, and show you things you would never have seen in your most vibrant dreams..." 

Tyrin turned away from the Kite and began pacing over to the edge of the stoned roof. "So Khiarra.... " 

The King turned to look her in the eyes again, extending a talon towards her. "Will you come with me?"

Khiarra hesitated for a moment. She finally had an opportunity to leave this Light-forsaken island to see things out there she only ever dreamed about. Her heart skipped a beat as she reached out to Tyrin with her talon. "I will, but... what of the others here? How will I know that they'll be okay?" She interlocked talons with him and she couldn't help it that her face was feeling a little warm, she was holding talons with a king after all.

Tyrin wrapped his talons around hers, smiling softly as he looked into her eyes. "There are many of us. We'll keep your home safe." 

He broke his gaze away to look upwards, seemingly at nothing. Khiarra had agreed, and the King knew she had what it took to become one of his own. "Dalkota! ...We're ready!"

Khiarra looked up where Tyrin was looking, puzzled as she watched the golden lights begin to shimmer around their heads. After a moment, a ripple of yellow, lightning-like gold tendrils of light began to fall around them both on either side. In another instant, the lights became so bright that she was forced to close her eyes, tightening her grip on the King's talon and putting her trust in him as she held on. There was a tingling feeling coursing through her, and a sudden lurching feeling as the lights flashed.

When Khiarra finally opened her eyes, everything the young Kite had ever known was gone.


The Wild Series: Reign of Ashes - Drellan (Wolf), Ambyra (Phoenix), Kale (Falcon), Raiya (Wolf), Syrune (Phoenix), Dalkota (Gryphon), Tyrin (Phoenix), Kelldan (Wolf), Agathar (Dragon), Spindle (Kahiir), T'Sone (Shade), Zarrock (Alpha Shade)

Myths and Magic - James Carter (Human, Mind Magic), Samuel Wright (Human, Tech Magic)

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You Dwarvish Idiot

In a time far away, yet closer than expected, something is happening...
Somewhere far North, in the great depths beneath the icy Arctic waters...

Daciio had been napping. Nothing interesting happened in these parts, so far, isolated from the rest of the world. He blinked his outer eyelids, looking around in the murky waters. Murky, yes. Something had been moving recently. It wasn't just darkness that made the depths this clouded. In some times and places he had been, the water was so clean that the pressure was noticeable before light stopped filtering through. Not here though. He was relatively close to the surface, yet he had to concentrate to see. He felt it before he knew what it was, the deep deep echo of something, he couldn't tell what, was calling him it seemed. At the second wave of feeling, he recognized it, and the water suddenly seemed very cold.

No. This can't be true.

The depths churned suddenly as the Leviathan moved with a force, no longer floating along aimlessly but instead moving rapidly towards the surface.

I was the Eldest.

But the Call didn't lie. A great eruption of white came into being on what was, only moments ago, a relatively peaceful surface of the cold Arctic ocean. Daciio smashed through a rather thick layer of ice without much care, shards flying here and there, and fountains of foamed water exploding around him. He moved with force, and the weak gave way. Such was the way of nature.

"I feel the Call!" Daciio's mighty voice bellowed, shattering the cold air. "And I will answer!" 

He churned the seas into foam, and icebergs avoided his path, as he no longer floated along, but rushed forth with power and intent. For he was Leviathan. Soon, the mighty beasts of old would rule again.


But were they Good, or Evil?
And who had Called them?

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Some time in the future... (Maybe an extra scene)

"It was not The Grove that gave me sight," Fayru as she took Dalkota's feather by the stem, "The Grove grants stasis. Aging is paused and wounds no longer bleed. These are examples of 'nothing gets worse, and nothing gets better'."

"So then... What fixed your eyes?" Finnican asked, flinching as Rose tugged a small bit of crystalized blood from his feathers. He shook his head to assure the She-Wolf as she yelped a small, "Sorry!"

"My eyes were not fixed. The process had begun, but was discontinued when I left The Grove the first time," Fayru corrected, "At the time, I hadn't realized what started the process. But then I recalled a human legend somewhere about how a single feather from a gryphon had the ability to cure blindness."

"Wait, what?"

Fayru turned and showed the group the long feather she held between two talons.
"I am not completely certain, but I think the reason I began to see was because I happened to stand on a feather Dalkota had shed. If you consider the legend and realize that The Grove itself does not possess magic, and therefore cannot heal physical abnormalities. Dalkota, however, is a being of magic, and so his feathers do in fact contain some of his magic."
Fayru set the feather on the ground and closed her eyes as she ran her talon over the vane.
"If a gryphon feather does cure blindness, then this is how I think it would work. As I am blind, rely heavily on touch in order to identify physical objects, and so 'touch' for me is like 'sight' for you. I hypothesize that as I stroke the gryphon feather, the magic contained in it gets transmitted to my brain, where it heals my disability. And so, after a short time of doing so..." The Peregrine Falcon opened her eyes. Her body jolted, but her serious expression remained. She looked at each person of the group straight in the eyes, revealing the complete sharpness within. "...I can see."

And then she locked eyes with Finnican.

"...Your wing is seriously messed up," the violet-eyed falcon remarked, much to her brother's chagrin.

"Ya, thanks. I noticed."


Najmah {A Mighty Wolf/My firstborn} ~ Rinka {Phoenix/Falcon/Queen} ~ Rose {Magi/Wolf} ~  Fayru {Magi/Falcon} ~ Nykoru {Phoenix/Falhawk} ~ Finnican {Falcon/Completely Normal, aka Still won't be a Phoenix} ~ ??? {Identity Locked} ~ Abanak {Shade/Eagle/Lieutenant/Former Assassin} ~ Thalak {The only Grizzly Bear of the ROA herd} ~ Yanuvik {Wolf who hasn't been formally introduced yet} ~ Dante {Another Wolf who hasn't been introduced yet/the 'black sheep' of his pack} ~ Kodi {Wolf dad who has been introduced} ~ Gretta {A Wolf who did NOT kill Annabelle (Jay, looking at you)}

"The moon is beautiful." <-Look to The Rifts


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About 5 1/2 Years Ago

The elder wolf had gotten through five chapters of his book when he became aware of Najmah's silence. He shifted his gaze towards the young wolf in puzzlement. And there she was, just laying on her stomach with her head on top of her forelegs. Her eyes were open, so she definitely wasn't asleep. But she didn't seem mentally present either.
That should have been the end of the observation. He would have returned to his book after accepting this as one of Najmah's rare moments of peace. But this time he recognized the forlorn look on her face. And he couldn't help but wonder, what was she thinking about that was making her sad?
His gaze moved back to the pages between his forepaws, but they wouldn't focus on the words on them. He stayed like that in thought, but only for a few heartbeats.

"Do you want to hear a funny story?"

He saw her shift from the corner of his eye. A moment after she'd lifted her head, he looked towards her. Just as he thought, Najmah was now giving him an annoyed glare. He deliberately kept his expression neutral and waited for her to answer. It only took ten heartbeats this time, but she lowered her head as she sighed.

"What about?" she grudgingly replied with a flick of her ear.

"Me being dumb," he answered with a shrug. He stopped a coy smile from growing too big when he gained Najmah's full attention.

"Oh really?" The young wolf crossed her forelegs and raised her head with a smirk. "Well then, go right ahead."

After snorting in amusement, he looked back down and flipped a page over. "It was my first time reading through this book. Every aspect of the writing element kept me captivated, but there was this one phrase that kept coming up. 'The moon is beautiful.'"

"You're losing me," Najmah frowned during his pause.

"Let me explain," he replied with a flash of annoyance. Ignoring the sound she made while rolling her eyes, he continued. "So that phrase by itself, it's normal. But in this book, the characters would just randomly say it. It didn't happen too often, but it got to the point where I was expecting something significant to happen. I thought it was a codeword, or something would happen to the moon. But when I was more than halfway done with this book, I realized I had been reading that phrase wrong. It wasn't 'the moon is beautiful'. It was 'I love you.'"

A moment of silence passed. And then-

"Wait. So that entire time-everytime someone said 'I love you'..." Najmah had the face of someone who was going to bust out laughing at any second. "You thought they were saying 'The moon is beautiful'?"

"Yup. That is exactly what I thought," he affirmed with the beginnings of a snicker.

Najmah covered her eyes with a forepaw and started heaving with laughter. "What a fail! Can you imagine, just two people having a moment and one of them just goes, 'Huh, the moon sure is beautiful tonight.' Just how bad is your eye sight?!"

"The Owl's written language gets confusing. One symbol could mean any number of things. It wasn't an issue with eye sight, it was context. You need to pay attention to context while reading these things."

"Which you didn't," Najmah snickered as she lifted her head out of her paws.

He turned away with a huff. "I was younger and newer to the language. Why did I even tell you this story..."

The moment when Najmah's snickers finally died was bliss, and a quick glance at the she-wolf told him that she was now happy. With a small smile to himself, he settled back down and went back to where he had left off. But he barely got through another half page.

"Hey, Gramps?"

He tilted his head towards Najmah, very unamused.

"Yes?" he sounded after five beats. And then Najmah said something that caused him to look fully at the young wolf with clear surprise written on his face.

"Read me that story, will you?" She was serious now. And though her head was turned to the side, she maintained eye contact with him and waited.

At the end of his pause, he glanced down at the open book. "I'm a few chapters away from the end. You won't understand what's happening," he replied.

"Then start at the beginning." But no trace of annoyance entered her face nor tone. She just gazed at the elder wolf with patience. It threw him off, but it warmed his heart at the same time. With a gentle smile, he dipped his chin in compliance.

"Very well. The beginning it is." He closed the book and then opened it to the first page.



Najmah {A Mighty Wolf/My firstborn} ~ Rinka {Phoenix/Falcon/Queen} ~ Rose {Magi/Wolf} ~  Fayru {Magi/Falcon} ~ Nykoru {Phoenix/Falhawk} ~ Finnican {Falcon/Completely Normal, aka Still won't be a Phoenix} ~ ??? {Identity Locked} ~ Abanak {Shade/Eagle/Lieutenant/Former Assassin} ~ Thalak {The only Grizzly Bear of the ROA herd} ~ Yanuvik {Wolf who hasn't been formally introduced yet} ~ Dante {Another Wolf who hasn't been introduced yet/the 'black sheep' of his pack} ~ Kodi {Wolf dad who has been introduced} ~ Gretta {A Wolf who did NOT kill Annabelle (Jay, looking at you)}

"The moon is beautiful." <-Look to The Rifts


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You Dwarvish Idiot


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