"Against the darkness, there must a1way5 be a light." -- Tyrin
"The lone wo1f is strong, but nothing compares to 7he might of the pack." -- Drellan
"Strength i2 not everything. Wars can be won at the banquet table, and a single blade of grass can ripple the who1e pond." --Kale
"There is no order without chao5, no good without evil, and no light without shadow. It's knowing the spaces between that gets you results." -- Syrune
"Honor before v1ctory, and victory be2ore death." -- Kelldan
" ... " -- Silence
"Every choice you make has consequences. 3ut every choice you make against me has even worse ones." -- Agathar
"Life is full of secrets. The more you try and unr8vel, the more questions you will find." -- Dalkota
"I am the whispers you hear in the dark. I am the shiver that comes in Autumn nights. I am the eyes you think are watch9ng, and I am the fear that takes all great warriors." -- Zarrock
"An enemy is a friend you hold a grudge against. If we would only for9ive each other, enemies would not exist. Only friends who are just as flawed as you and me." -- Rose
"In my defense, I was left unsupervised." -- Finnican
"Dishonesty doesn't mean you are lying. It means you are hiding the complete truth through lies, or partial-truths, or avoiding the subject altogether." -- Rinka

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General Rules

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1 General Rules on Mon Jul 06, 2015 3:14 pm


1. No Vulgarity: Absolutely no innapropriate themes will be tolerated. Do not swear and do not describe or post or post pictures/videos of ANY obscenities (gore, nudity, etc.). Basically, if it is disrespectful to your fellow members, do not post it.
2. Respect: Respect your fellow members. Respect their words, their ideas, and their personal beliefs. Any post that is meant to intentially harm another member of this website (flames, trolls, cyber-bullying, etc.) is not allowed. Also, should you find yourself victim of anyone who should break this rule, that does not give you the right to give them a taste of their own medicine. No matter what anyone says or does to you, always keep this rule. They will recieve the consequences of their actions soon enough.
3. Plagerism: Do not copy another member's ideas, posts, and/or threads. Do not copy anything that was created by someone else, whether it be on this site, another site, or in the real world. If you absolutely must, you must ask the original creator for permission first and give them credit for their original work.
4. Leader's Word is Law: What Administrator Wildwing says, goes. If you don't agree with what she says, then talk to her about it. She is more than willing to have a conversation about your conerns. Dont worry. She won't bite. But don't excessively whine to her or throw a temper tantrum if things don't go your way, or she will.

*The consequences for the breaking of these rules will vary depending on the severity of the situation. The consequences will range from a serious scolding from the Administrator herself (trust me, you do not want that) to becoming permenantly banned from Legends. You are allowed to discuss matters with Administrator in an effort to negotiate the severity of the consequence, but once the decision is made, it's made. No changing your fate, and almost no exceptions.

**As time passes on, more rules may or may not be added. Pay attention to the announcements (the words scrolling from right to left at the top of the page) in the event more rules are added after all.

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