"Against the darkness, there must a1way5 be a light." -- Tyrin
"The lone wo1f is strong, but nothing compares to 7he might of the pack." -- Drellan
"Strength i2 not everything. Wars can be won at the banquet table, and a single blade of grass can ripple the who1e pond." --Kale
"There is no order without chao5, no good without evil, and no light without shadow. It's knowing the spaces between that gets you results." -- Syrune
"Honor before v1ctory, and victory be2ore death." -- Kelldan
" ... " -- Silence
"Every choice you make has consequences. 3ut every choice you make against me has even worse ones." -- Agathar
"Life is full of secrets. The more you try and unr8vel, the more questions you will find." -- Dalkota
"I am the whispers you hear in the dark. I am the shiver that comes in Autumn nights. I am the eyes you think are watch9ng, and I am the fear that takes all great warriors." -- Zarrock
"An enemy is a friend you hold a grudge against. If we would only for9ive each other, enemies would not exist. Only friends who are just as flawed as you and me." -- Rose
"In my defense, I was left unsupervised." -- Finnican
"Dishonesty doesn't mean you are lying. It means you are hiding the complete truth through lies, or partial-truths, or avoiding the subject altogether." -- Rinka

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